Are there areas in your home that feel a bit drab and dreary? If so, I have great news for you that doesn’t require you to take down a wall, replace your kitchen cabinets, remove light fixtures, lay new floors, or buy new furniture. These tips will help you achieve the look you want, without a full overhaul. I love to use my  creativity in many ways, and making Art is one of them. The designs and colours are endless, plus they add interest to any space. Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, entryway or bathroom, all you need is a splash here and there to pack a punch, and transform your space instantly! If you find that you get overwhelmed when there’s too many choices, just remember, you can’t go wrong when you pick what you love. But keep in mind that the colours you choose will also affect your moods. But the following tips and tricks below will guide you in the right direction.


1) Use Decorative Pillows 

Whether you’re looking to add pizzazz in your bedroom, living room, or to a comfy lounge chair in your home office, a couple of decorative pillows is all it takes to make your furniture stand out. For instance, a white couch with gray walls is a popular, classic and modern colour, but if you want to change the look and feel of your entire space, you don’t have to go new or paint the walls, instead you can modify your colour palette. And there are plenty of designs, shades and textures to choose from, but keep in mind that if you decide you want to cover your existing pillows, rather than replace them, choose material with zippers so you can easily remove them when needed. 



2) Update Your Bedroom Linen

The easiest way to update your bedroom without using paint is to replace your bedroom linen, and since your bed is the largest piece of furniture, it makes sense that a dynamic comforter set would stand out as a focal point. Not only will this option make your room feel more cozy, it sure beats spending money on an entire bedroom set to make an impact. And if you still love your comforter set, simply add a few decorative pillow cases and place a decorative throw blanket at the end of your bed. As shown in the picture above, a few key stand out pieces can take any space to a new level.



3) Add Decorative Accessories

Whether you have a kitchen nook or a separate dining room, a great way to add interest and update your dining table, is with decorative placemats and a stunning centerpiece. You can either use your creative side and make your own, or replace the ones you already have. Certainly not a new products, but times have changed, and in the past a placemat was basically used to catch the ketchup from your plate, not as a decorative accessory. And matter how you feel about your dining room right now, a new table setting will make your space more inviting.



4) Artwork 

In any space, the walls play a significant role in home decor, and if you ‘re tired of looking at walls that aren’t doing anything for you, but you’ve been holding off on making any changes and you don’t want to hire a painter, no worries! An easy solution is to fill your walls with beautiful art instead. You know what they say, “A picture says a thousand words.”  Use the following tips to make a statement:

  • Add character, colour and interest with new pieces of art.
  • Remove pictures from their frames and replace them with your favourite fabric or wallpaper.
  • Select pictures that are proportionate to your walls. For instance, if there are no windows or closets along that wall, select a relatively large picture or a set to increase the visual impact.


5) Add Candles

Simple doesn’t mean insignificant, in fact, there are many situations where the small things make a big difference, and candles are one of those accessories that not only smell good, they also change the ambiance of any room. And if you add fragrances, sizes, and styles to the list, can you see how candles are a perfect addition? Since there are various types of candles to choose from, to get the style that suits you best, I suggest that you determine how they will be used in each space then go from there. For instance, if you use candles solely as a decorative addition, you may opt for pillar candles as they are larger, and in turn, they’ll add more colour to your space


three gray ornaments on white wooden desk inside living room
Photo by Vecislavas Popa on

 6) Use an Area Rug

A vibrant area rug is another easy way to add interest, contrast, personality, and colour to your living room or bedroom. Also, this is a simple way to divide a large space, define a sitting area, and it can make your space feel more cozy. On the other hand, not just any rug will do, in order to really pack a punch there are a couple of things to remember. For example, if you have accent or throw pillows in one solid colour, select an area rug with various patterns and textures to create contrast. This simple tip not only allows your area rug to stand out like an accent wall, it will prevent it from blending into the rest of your decor. As seen in the picture above, it’s the area rug that stands out in this monochromatic colour scheme.

Updating your home can be costly, time-consuming, frustrating and stressful at times. And although your home is an investment and it’s worth the effort, just remember that colour goes a long way and makes a huge difference in any space.