As a Professional Organizer, I won’t say that it’s okay for some of your rooms to be organized while others are filled with clutter, what I will say, is that there are 3 spaces within your home that MUST be organized at all times to maintain productivity and increase your efficiency:

  1. Bedroom Closets
  2. Drawers
  3. Kitchen Cupboards

Why are closets, drawers and kitchen cupboards so important to keep organized? These particular areas get used frequently, and of course, when there’s something you use all of the time, it should be functional. Each time you enter a room in your home, there’s a purpose for doing so. For instance, when you enter your bedroom it’s either to sleep, relax, read a book, or to get dressed, and whenever you open a drawer or kitchen cupboard, it’s to place something in it, or to take something out. These daily routines should be simplistic and stress-free, that’s why these spaces must be organized at ALL times.

1) Bedroom Closets

If you like fashion, love shopping or you just have too much stuff in your closets, then you understand how irritating and frustrating it is to set your alarm clock 10 minutes early in the morning to make sure that you’re on time, just to spend 20 minutes searching through the piles of clothes on your closet floor. Mornings can be a mad rush as it is, filled with many to-dos before you even leave the house, like making your morning coffee and preparing for your 9 am meeting. Either way, if you don’t like the feeling of being rushed, late, or doing more laundry than what’s necessary, organize your closets using the following organizing tools:



  • Hangers come in a variety of materials and styles: Non-slip, wooden, plastic and metal just to name a few, and if you want your clothes to look great on display, choose hangers that are right for your clothing type. Your shirts, blouses, pants, jackets and suits will have less wear and tear, plus your clothes and closets will be better organized. When you use the wrong type of hangers your clothes can easily get bunched up, which takes up more space in your closet and as a result, they often fall on the floor.



  • Use Open Shelving to maximize storage space. If you read my blogs then you know that I absolutely love them, and for good reasons. Not only is Open Shelving versatile and inexpensive, they’re also a great alternative for additional closet storage, anywhere. Instead of putting your sweaters into your dresser drawers, which takes up a lot of space since they’re bulky in nature, fold them into neat colour coded piles and place them on shelves. Also you can take advantage of the open concept design as a convenient way to display decorative baskets that can be used to store your everyday accessories, such as belts, dress scarfs, hats, etc.
  • Container Bins are fantastic for storing your seasonal clothes, and any clothes that you no longer wear, take them off the hanger at that time and place in your donation bin. Keep your bin in the bedroom closet for convenience. 
  • Closet organizers can be customized to meet your specific needs, and they’re designed to help keep your closets neat and organized with built-in sections that have adjustable rods and shelves to accommodate your footwear, sweaters, etc.

2) Drawers

How many times a day do you open a dresser drawer in your bedroom, or cupboard in your kitchen? Actually I don’t expect for you to know, but I’m sure it’s a lot. Ease of use is a term often used in the organizing industry, and if you haven’t guessed, it’s much like saying easily accessible. When you open a drawer, do you find yourself digging for your favourite cup or sweater? What about having to pull up a chair to the kitchen counter, just so you can reach the top shelf to get the casserole dish for supper? You don’t have to do this anymore, there are plenty of drawer organizers out there to meet your needs, but if you want to be a little creative and use something you already have, try one of my unique tricks to keep your bedroom drawers neat and organized: 

  • Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls are an inexpensive and simple way to organize your bedroom undergarments, while reducing waste at the same time. All you have to do is cut them to size and use a drawer liner to prevent your rolls from shifting around. It’s that easy!


Bedroom Drawer with paper towel rolls


  • Bedroom Drawer space can easily be increased when you fold your clothes into smaller halves. As you can see from the picture below, instead having room for two piles of shirts you can have room for four.
Photo by Shannon Gibson
  • Kitchen Drawers are opened several times a day and your kitchen is used daily, that’s why it’s important for them to be well-organized. Avoid the madness of using your valuable time to sort through ALL of your cutlery and cooking utensils just to find a spatula or egg turner. Besides, unless you live alone, the other people in the home will need to utilize the kitchen as well, and even if you can find what you need when you need it, can everyone else? Often times it’s the simple things in life that makes a difference, and a few simple Kitchen drawer organizers makes cooking, entertaining and emptying the dishwasher easier for everyone.


Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizers

3) Kitchen Cupboards

I bet you spend most of your time in the hub of the home, which is usually the kitchen. In this space, you entertain, cook, eat, and have family conversations so it makes sense. However, when you entertain, do you want to interact with your company or spend time looking for wine glasses and a salad tosser? The point is, that other than food, your cupboards are used to contain the following items: Glasses, cups, mugs, plates, storage containers, cutlery, and cooking utensils. This is basically all you need, and the issue occurs when your drawers and cupboards are stacked with more than what’s necessary. Everything in your home should have a purpose and be used frequently if it’s going to take up space.

apartment cabinet chairs clean
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