Are you looking for more space in your home but you can’t find any? It’s common when you need more space to look underneath, inside and behind things, but do you ever look up? Although space is all around us, often times vertical space is overlooked, which means that you’ve had extra space in your home all along. The good news is, it’s still there and now that you’re aware of it you can take advantage of this usable, unused space. There’s no need to add more things to an already stuffed cabinet, drawer, cupboard, storage closet, or garage. The next time you need more space, don’t move, take down a wall or add an addition to your home (that would be costly), instead just think vertical! 


How To Use And Create Vertical Space

What comes to mind when you need more space? Is it purge and declutter? Both will certainly help, but have you also considered how certain furniture can impact the amount of space you have? Stylish furniture will make your place look fabulous, and while your home may be inviting, it can also be clutter-free and functional as well. For instance, in a work environment there’s a reason why filing cabinets are vertical in design, and if you haven’t guessed, it’s because they’re practical in design and they work. Filing cabinets are used in almost every office for the purpose of storing vast amounts of documents, and vertical designs ensures that there’s adequate storage while optimizing space. Do you think it would be efficient and convenient if you had to bend down to the floor every time you needed to retrieve a document? That would be irritating and not to mention, not good for your back either. When you need more space there are a variety of ways to get it, especially if you keep vertical space in mind.

First things first, before you gain more space you must minimize to maximizeI know, this is where the sigh comes in, it’s no secret that purging is a task that the majority of people dislike, and at times, really struggle with. However, if you view letting go as a way to free yourself from unnecessary stuff, you’ll be able to see how much space you actually require, and more often than not, you’ll begin to realize that the issue isn’t with space, it’s with stuff. 

  • Choice The Right Furniture 

The type of furniture you select matters, and it also determines how well your space will function. For instance, placing large furniture pieces in a small space makes it look smaller and feel cramped, and the choice between horizontal and vertical styles can be the difference between more or less space. For instance, a vertical dresser will maximize your space and also open up the floor plan, just like a round table does over a rectangle or square one. And if you need more space, consider purchasing an Armoire to suit your decor style and various storage needs. Many of them also have adjustable shelves that can be moved to accommodate your TV, computer, electronics or book collection. The vertical design also makes them great for storing clothes, either in your bedroom or in the entryway, and all you need is a couple of tension rods. Of course you want function, but what about multi-function? What’s the difference? Options! Multi-functional furniture reduces the amount of space you need without sacrificing while keeping money in your pocket. Just think about it, a desk that converts into a kitchen table, a work space and can also be used for extra counter space will save you from buying each piece separately, and in a small space that’s key.


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  • Stack, Stack Stack

Your Kitchen cupboards are probably underutilized, which means that more than likely you have more space on each shelf than you think. Huh? I specifically used the kitchen as an example because it happens to be a common place to congregate, and a common hub for clutter. And unless your cabinets are customized to meet your needs, you can easily optimize and take advantage of the height of your cupboards, using vertical space. The solution is not to install more cupboards, it’s using the space that you already have, and expandable Shelf Organizers will allow you to stack more items such as plates, cups, mugs and storage containers on each shelf, rather than cluttering up your cupboards with a bit of this and a bit of that. Another place in your home where this option works well, is in the laundry room. A stackable washer and dryer will use less space than the traditional side by side, and therefore, optimize and maximize your space. Any item that you can stack, stack it!

Tip: For ease of use and efficiency, always place your frequently used items on the lower shelves and keep the items you use less often on the upper ones.

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  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors are like a stylish piece of art, and not only do they serve a purpose in your bathroom and bedroom, or as a decorative accessory above your mantle, they can also be used to make your place appear larger and brighter. It’s a bit of a magic trick really, an illusion of space created by the reflection of light. Mirrors are ideal and a practical way to give a small drab space an inexpensive face-lift. Keep in mind that although any mirror will do, a large vertical mirror works best for these 3 reasons: 

  1. Your ceiling will appear higher and therefore your space appears larger 
  2. You save horizontal space 
  3. Brightens up your space by reflecting more light
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  • Open Shelving

These floating space-savers are one of my favourite pieces to use. If your bookshelf is full you can easily add shelving above it, and remove the overflow of books from the boxes in the storage closet. Or instead of using a regular nightstand, consider using Open Shelving to keep your items neat and organized in a variety of ways, the options are endless.