Shannon Gibson - Professional Organizer

Creating Inviting, Functional, Practical Spaces


Shannon Gibson is a trained Professional Organizer and Blogger, who provides expertise in Professional Organizing, Decorating & Consulting Services for the individual, home or small office.

As a highly organized individual, with an energetic personality, strong eye for detail, and a natural flare for selecting the right textures and colour palettes, Shannon felt it was time to pursue her passions in Organizing and Interior Decorating. Within the last 15 years, she worked in various government sectors using her background in Business Administration and Health & Human Services.  

Throughout her experiences, Shannon gained valuable insight, and that is, “what works for some, does not work for all.”  With your needs in mind, Shannon’s services are designed to help you save time, money and energy, while her tailored approach puts emphasis on”using what you already have first.  


How Can I Help?:

  • You want to decorate, sell your home, rent or downsize 
  • You need organization to increase your time, storage and maximize space
  • You have difficulty planning, staying on task and meeting deadlines
  • Your clutter and disorganization is interfering with your goals
  • You need consulting services

Shannon’s message:

What I’ve learned through the process of renting, updating, staging and organizing homes, is that clients are most concerned about space and storage.

Let the professionals get you on track to living without disorganization, unwanted stress, and instead, breathe new life into your home, restore balance back into your life, and leave you with the tools to lead a happier lifestyle!  

* Keep this in mind, “what you have needs PURPOSE, not a storage closet!”

Contact me for your consultation today!



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